a collage of natural images that spell out library field

A place-based initiative in Westchester County brought to you by Metropolitan New York Library Council

New perspectives on the field

a network of different land shapes reimagining the field as place and practice

The Library Field is a place to deepen our relationships—between institutions, communities, and individuals—and the earth. By probing the ways that we choose to observe, record, organize, access, and preserve the natural world, we have the opportunity to think critically about our role in natural systems and advance the field of librarianship.

Prioritizing relationality over extraction invites new ways of understanding

hands of children examining a caterpillar

Cultural stewardship

Developing tools, practices, and frameworks that celebrate the dynamism of culture and place while thinking critically about traditional forms of documentation and preservation.

a forest devastated by deforestation

Climate justice

Understanding and mitigating climate change is an essential but insufficient step towards ensuring a safe and vibrant future for all of Earth's inhabitants.

group of people around a campfire

Cultivating awareness & solidarity

Self-actualization requires developing relationships beyond humans and the constructed world; movement towards building empathy with all things.

lines connecting ideas of cultural stewardship, climate justice, and cultivating awareness to the next section: growing concentric connection

Growing through concentric connection with partners both local and global

Aarhus Public Libraries building


Aarhus Public Libraries

A person gardening at the Library Farm

Library Farm

Northern Onondaga Public Library

children investigating outdoor space at Greenpoint Library and Environmental Center

Greenpoint Library and Environmental Center

Brooklyn Public Library

people engaging with natural space

Nature Library Project

Anythink Libraries

concentric rings akin to rings of a tree's growth or a topographical map representing the importance of interconnected engagement across scales a line showing the SDG Lab connected to the outtermost ring representing global engagement a line showing the Library Farm connected to the second innermost ring representing regional engagement a line showing the Greenpoint Library and Environmental Center connected to the innermost ring representing local engagement a line showing Nature Library connected to the second outtermost ring representing national engagement


METRO works to create a sustainable culture of creativity, collaboration, and open exchange for libraries, archives, museums, and cultural institutions in the Metropolitan New York region and around the world. We accomplish our mission through leadership, grantmaking, resource sharing, professional learning, research, technology services, creative practice, and more.

a digram highlighting overlapping themes of METRO

Spirit of Interrogation

Commitment to networked knowledge

Supportive yet self-guided environment

Perpetually evolving

The Library Field wants to know what you hope from a shared outdoor space organized by New York City and Westchester County libraries.


an organic landform denoting 2024
  • Find facilitator / other consultants
  • Identify focus groups, key stakeholders / categories
  • Find 3-4 locations for events


an organic landform denoting 2025
  • Determine permanent location?
  • Hire engineer/architect?
  • Hire builder?


an organic landform denoting 2026
  • Hire field director?
  • Light construction (bathrooms, covered meeting areas, trail maintenance, parking)?
  • Participatory design and ongoing programming?

What's Next?

an organic landform denoting the opportunity of what's next
a network of landworks collaborting

Imagine the field




  • Anythink Libraries
  • Brooklyn Public Library
  • Aarhus Public Libraries
  • Eugenia Cheskidova
  • Free Forest School
  • Froghouse
  • John Thomas
  • Matt Palmer
  • Northern Onondaga Public Library